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Shaping the Portrait with the Voices of Young People

Youth Voice

Vision Seekers Youth Fellowship

Vision Seekers shared their perspective as we drafted the Portrait of a Nevada Learner. 20 participating students ages 14-18 from Douglas, Clark and Washoe Counties joined in conversation and insight sharing.​

The Nevada Youth Empowerment Fellowship

A group of high school students working together to amplify and advance the work of the Future of Learning Network to address the holistic educational needs of students. The students communicate about their experiences and ideas through art.

“Instead of testing what the students remember, test how well they can explain something.” 


- Marcos K.


Vision Seekers
Learner Artifacts

Young people in Nevada explored their hopes and needs for their education through conversations with each other and their communities. They reflected on the data from these conversations and created artifacts that showcased significant perspectives they wanted shared as part of the broader work of creating a collective vision for the future of learning. Common themes that emerged:

  • Health and Safety

  • Personalized, Project Based Learning

  • Flexible Schedules

  • Future Readiness

  • Funding 

  • Creativity and Artistic Expression

  • Helping Others

  • Personal Values

  • Personal Growth

  • Community 

“Most of my classes and assessments are based on memory and not actual growth of how concepts are grasped.”


-Kendal J.

Youth Empowerment Fellow Artifacts


"With the use of digital media, this piece portrays a story. But I am not going to tell you that story. Like any other art piece, this one is meant to be interpreted. You can interpret it in a different way than the person next to you and still be right. Whether you see the hand as NVFOL being the guardian with a light breaking through the storm(the storm being current education), or if you see it as the hand (NVFOL) cultivating and harvesting the light (Youth), or even see it as something else."

-Addie, Fellow


"This oil painting represents two paths that lead to different journeys. Each side does not determine what is right or wrong in the system; instead, it's something left to one's interpretation. The education system today is not inherently wrong; however, one must understand that they are the protagonist of their own life. If a person's desires differ from the norm, taking the initiative to start anew is what must be done. The beginning of choosing a path should be decided by the individual, not the ones who are in control. Then, unite with others and become one of the protagonists of a new system that caters to the wants of those differing from the current system."

-Pauline, Fellow

Empowerment Artifacts
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