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The Community Learning Fund

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Values + Project Types:


Empower the Future

Paid internships, mentorship programs, workshops and master classes, design team projects for young people


Connect through Culture

Curated museum exhibits, public art projects, educational tours, public events, cultural convenings


Impact the Community

Collaborative problem-solving cohorts, civic leadership teams, research projects, outreach initiatives


Thriving Advancement

Cultural ambassadors, embedded educators, accessible venues, virtual collaborations

Join us in cultivating a statewide devotion to learning – inside and outside of school.

The Community Learning Fund puts ideas for community-based education into action with funding for off-campus learning opportunities that connect students with mentors, civic programs, and cultural institutions, engaging them to explore and impact their world.


Our mission is to ignite curiosity, foster engagement, and empower the next generation to explore and impact the world around them. Eligible proposals aim to forge connections between learners, public schools, and community organizations or local businesses– all aligned with the Portrait of a Nevada Learner, a shared vision of the mindsets and skills that bring academic knowledge to life. 

Funding Level: Up to $15,000


November 14, 2023 
Public Information Call

December 5, 2023
Deadline to apply

March 1, 2024 - July 31, 2024
Period of performance

July 15, 2024
Project completion


Documents and Information Required:

  • IRS W9 for with applicant Entity's EIN Tax ID number

  • Supplier Information Request Form

  • Narrative questions to be answered along with project details, supporting documents, and an itemized proposal quote

  • At least one Nevada public educator or K-12 public school site must be engaged as a project partner. Projects may have multiple partners. There is one contract awarded per project.

  • Only proposals from nonprofit organizations or commercial businesses incorporated and operating at least two years prior within the geographic boundary of the State of Nevada will be accepted.

  • All applicants must provide an active and valid federal Employer Identification Number (EIN).

  • Individuals may apply with the addition of an organizational partner as a fiscal agent.The Fiscal Agent becomes the legal applicant of record, redistributes the funds to the individual engaged on the project, and is responsible for any reporting required.

  • Approved contractors must retain basic auditable records of project expenses, as well as any additional related cash and in-kind contributions involved in execution.

  • This program does not fund capital improvements, scholarships to third parties, refreshments, food, or permanent staff salaries. Regular staff engaged in a project-specific responsibility may be compensated for their additional work out of the “Project Management Fee” line item at the discretion of the applicant.


  • When does RFP open and when are the responses due?
    The RFP is open now, and it will close December 5th. Decisions will be shared by December 31st.
  • Who do I contact if I have questions?
    Email your question(s) to We will update this FAQ every Monday.
  • How many awards will be given?
    This depends on the amount of proposals recieved. We would like to fund between 10-20, and if there are proposals that cannot be funded during this round that move the values of the Portrait and our community engagement work ahead - we’ll look for other ways to partner in the future.
  • Does a partnership need to be official from a school or district?
    It depends on the nature of your project. However, it could be as simple as a relationship with an educator who is engaged or sharing their feedback and insights with you.
  • Could the educator partner be a community organization and their staff - rather than a district?
    You can have multiple engaged partners, however there still needs to be a connection to PK-12 education. It could be as simple as bringing an educator on to the project as a consultant, or it could be something that invites a classroom or school to partner. If you are still not sure about structuring your partnership, you can reach out to to inquire further.
  • Can the project happen inside a school?
    Yes, it could. But it doesn't have to! We want to foster a devotion to learning inside and outside of the classroom!
  • What is the total Community Learning Fund amount that will be dispersed to chosen projects?
    Each project through this community engagement scope of work is eligible for up to $15,000.
  • How will we bill for the money?
    You’ll build a proposal that can fund up to 50% of the requested funds up front, 25% once the project is underway, and then 25% upon completion. Download and review the Submission Guidelines for more information.

Let's bring the Portrait to Life.

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