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The Community Learning Project

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Values + Project Types:


Empower the Future

Paid internships, mentorship programs, workshops and master classes, design team projects for young people


Connect through Culture

Curated museum exhibits, public art projects, educational tours, public events, cultural convenings


Impact the Community

Collaborative problem-solving cohorts, civic leadership teams, research projects, outreach initiatives


Thriving Advancement

Cultural ambassadors, embedded educators, accessible venues, virtual collaborations

Cultivating a statewide devotion to learning – inside and outside of school.

The Community Learning Project puts ideas for community-based education into action with off-campus learning opportunities that connect students with mentors, civic programs, and cultural institutions, engaging them to explore and impact their world.


Our mission is to ignite curiosity, foster engagement, and empower the next generation to explore and impact the world around them. Project leaders aim to forge connections between learners, public schools, and community organizations or local businesses– all aligned with the Portrait of a Nevada Learner, a shared vision of the mindsets and skills that bring academic knowledge to life. 

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