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Shaping the Portrait with the Voices of Young People

Youth Voice

Pilotemos el retrato, juntos.

El proceso de pilotaje de retratos está diseñado para que los equipos escolares de todo Nevada tomen el próximo BORRADOR Retrato de un estudiante de Nevada y comiencen a explorar lo que puede significar en términos de relaciones, experiencias y el entorno escolar. Este proceso inicial tiene como objetivo involucrar a las escuelas de diversas comunidades para ayudarnos a comprender las formas en que el retrato es valioso para impulsar la coherencia hacia experiencias y resultados de aprendizaje significativos para los jóvenes. También informará una estrategia a largo plazo para construir una red para apoyar la colaboración entre educadores en todo Nevada.

The Nevada Youth Empowerment Fellowship

A group of high school students working together to amplify and advance the work of the Future of Learning Network to address the holistic educational needs of students. The students communicate about their experiences and ideas through art.

“Instead of testing what the students remember, test how well they can explain something.” 


- Marcos K.


Fechas clave

Young people in Nevada explored their hopes and needs for their education through conversations with each other and their communities. They reflected on the data from these conversations and created artifacts that showcased significant perspectives they wanted shared as part of the broader work of creating a collective vision for the future of learning. Common themes that emerged:

  • Health and Safety

  • Personalized, Project Based Learning

  • Flexible Schedules

  • Future Readiness

  • Funding 

  • Creativity and Artistic Expression

  • Helping Others

  • Personal Values

  • Personal Growth

  • Community 

“Most of my classes and assessments are based on memory and not actual growth of how concepts are grasped.”


-Kendal J.

Empowerment Artifacts

Fechas clave

Each month, fellows come together to discuss different youth-developed, prompting questions about the future of learning in Nevada. Answering these questions through monthly projects helps them introduce the  Network to their peers. Through their projects, fellows share their views on the school system today and how it could improve in the future with personalized, competency-based learning.

  • What’s the fellowship’s role in the Nevada Future of Learning Network?
    January Projects: Addie's Digital Art Pauline's Oil Painting Emma's Powerpoint Presentation Estrella's Poem Blake's Document Owen's Document
  • Why am I advocating for a personalized learning system?
    To answer this month’s question, fellows used a thinking, communication, and problem-solving method called LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. This approach enabled fellows to explore why they choose to advocate for personalized learning, both individually and as a group. Using LEGO® bricks, fellows constructed their own three-dimensional models to represent their perspectives. These models acted as metaphors for their personal reflections and formed the foundation for group discussion. "Personalized learning holds immense importance in today's educational landscape for numerous reasons. I advocate for personalized learning due to its ability to help cater to individual needs and learning styles. Traditional classroom settings often overlook the strengths and weaknesses of each student, leading to an approach that may leave some learners behind. However, personalized learning allows for customization of instruction enabling students to progress at their own pace, and that’s something that I really advocate for. I hope in the near future that all schools take the step to personalize learning.This tailored approach not only fosters a deeper understanding of the material but also promotes a sense of ownership and empowerment in one's education. Additionally, personalized learning promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and self-directed learning skills, which are crucial for success in both academic and real-world settings. By advocating for personalized learning, I aim to ensure that all students, including my siblings, have access to an educational experience that meets their individual needs and maximizes their potential for growth and success." -Blake "I believe in personal learning because I think that everybody deserves an equal playing field when it comes to learning. Instead of one route through education, a personalized learning experience would bring the most benefit to the most people. I also believe that advocating for change today would be effective in bringing that change later. This message impacts me personally because I have a young sister that I want to see succeed. I believe that implementing a personalized learning system would allow her to reach her goals and dreams in a more direct way to her life. I would like to see a future where children are encouraged to follow their own path into education. " -Diana
  • What are the ideas and concepts emerging from the Nevada Future of Learning Network?
    Coming soon!
  • How could the ideas and concepts emerging from the NVFOL Network make school different?
    Coming soon!

Featured Artifacts

"With the use of digital media, this piece portrays a story. But I am not going to tell you that story. Like any other art piece, this one is meant to be interpreted. You can interpret it in a different way than the person next to you and still be right. Whether you see the hand as NVFOL being the guardian with a light breaking through the storm(the storm being current education), or if you see it as the hand (NVFOL) cultivating and harvesting the light (Youth), or even see it as something else."

-Addie, Fellow


"This oil painting represents two paths that lead to different journeys. Each side does not determine what is right or wrong in the system; instead, it's something left to one's interpretation. The education system today is not inherently wrong; however, one must understand that they are the protagonist of their own life. If a person's desires differ from the norm, taking the initiative to start anew is what must be done. The beginning of choosing a path should be decided by the individual, not the ones who are in control. Then, unite with others and become one of the protagonists of a new system that caters to the wants of those differing from the current system."

-Pauline, Fellow

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