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Nevada's Future of Learning
Empowering Students Through a Personalized Learning Experience

Bringing the Portrait to Life 

Where Academic Excellence Meets Real-World Skills.

Competency-based learning is an approach to bringing the Portrait of a Nevada Learner to life that fosters deep connections to academic concepts while nurturing the development of essential skills.

By focusing on individual growth, learners are equipped to apply their academic knowledge effectively in practical situations. They are also empowered to progress to more advanced levels of learning as soon as they demonstrate mastery, free from the limitations of traditional pacing.


The Portrait of a Nevada Learner: The Heartbeat of the Future of Learning Network 

The Nevada Future of Learning Network connects students, educators, parents, and community partners to collectively shape competencies, systems, and structures that promote learner-centered practices in Nevada classrooms.


The network is rooted in the Portrait of a Nevada Learner, a shared vision crafted with input from Nevadans, defining the purpose of education and guiding decision making.

Happy Student


Young people in Nevada are exploring their hopes and needs for their education.


Educators & Schools

 Piloting learning experiences with School/District Design Teams, Competency Champions, and Ambassadors.



Developing systems and structures to advance student-centered learning practices.

Connecting Communities for Learner Success 

Portrait of a Nevada Learner

From Knowledge to Application: Nevada's Shared Vision

The Future of Learning Network is anchored in the Portrait of a Nevada Learner, a shared vision collaboratively crafted with input from Nevadans, defining the purpose of education and guiding decision making.

How will I contribute to make an impact?


How will I grow in my learning?

How do I build and sustain relationships and community?

How will I thrive?

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 1.50.19 PM.png

Portrait of a Nevada Learner

A unified community vision

Who are learners becoming?


The application of knowledge

How should learners be able apply what they know?

Academic Standards

A rigorous foundation of knowledge

What should learners know?

Portrait Partners are bringing the Portrait of a Nevada Learner to life.

Ways to Engage

Explore Partnership Opportunities with the Portrait

Joining forces can take many shapes, and the Network is here to build personalized partnerships that harness the unique strengths of organizations and individuals. Let's collaborate to uncover the most impactful ways for you to be part of this movement.

Common Ways to Partner:


Spread the Word: Amplify the portrait message by sharing content with your social networks.

Host a Portrait Party: A Portrait Party is an interactive way to dive into the portrait competencies and how they align with your community's values.

Join a Network Convening: Be part of a dynamic brainstorming session with other partners, exploring innovative ways to connect  the portrait with a broader Nevada learning ecosystem.

Bring the Portrait to Life as a School or District Design Team: Embark on a transformative journey by becoming a design team. Pilot personalized approaches to infuse the portrait's values into the fabric of your classrooms, and share what you discover.

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