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Nevada's Future of Learning
Empowering Learners Through a Personalized Learning Experience

The Portrait of a Nevada Learner

Where Academic Excellence Meets Real-World Skills.

Amid concerning absenteeism rates, severe teacher shortages, and skills gaps in higher education and workforce, the Nevada Department of Education is crafting a community-driven vision for the future of learning.

A Learner Portrait is a nationally recognized framework that outlines the skills that empower learners to absorb, evaluate, and retain rigorous academic concepts. Developed with input from Nevadans, the integration of durable skills like critical thinking, collaboration, and communication into the learning experience makes school more exciting and relevant to students' lives.


Connecting Communities for Learner Success 

The Portrait of a Nevada Learner is the heartbeat of the Nevada Future of Learning Network, which connects students, educators, parents, and community members to collectively promote learner-centered practices in Nevada classrooms.

Happy Student


Young people in Nevada are exploring their hopes and needs for their education.


Educators & Schools

 Piloting learning experiences with School/District Design Teams, Competency Champions, and Ambassadors.



Developing systems and structures to advance student-centered learning practices.

Portrait of a Nevada Learner

From Knowledge to Application: Nevada's Shared Vision

The Future of Learning Network is anchored in the Portrait of a Nevada Learner, a shared vision collaboratively crafted with input from Nevadans, defining the purpose of education and guiding decision making.

How will I contribute to make an impact?


How will I grow in my learning?

How do I build and sustain relationships and community?

How will I thrive?

Components of the Future of Learning


Portrait of a Nevada Learner

A unified community vision

Who are learners becoming?



The application of knowledge

How should learners be able apply what they know?


Academic Standards

A rigorous foundation of knowledge

What should learners know?

Network Components Venn
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